About us

Sentimental greeting cards for every occasion where our words touches the heart and soul of the reader.

We are G & B Inspirational Card LLC.

On behalf of G & B Inspirational Cards, LLC., a family owned business operating in Charlotte, North Carolina. We know and understand that "Our Words" are Powerful and speaking life, love and encouragement to another, means so much. By uplifting and empowering others to share what is in their heart at a specific time, is a priceless moment that many of us long for and just knowing that we all matter.

We are excited about all of the new opportunities of growth and we would like to extend and welcome a working relationship with you, but, first let me introduce myself and the company to you.

I am Gregory Backmon, owner, founder and lead writer of G & B Inspirational Cards, LLC., and we pride ourselves in offering our customers quality, sentimental cards, which are coupled with excellent service to those whom you love and sharing those words that mean so much. Our cards are high gloss coating with a smooth shiny finish with one of the most beautiful background artwork.

The purpose of our cards are to encourage, comfort and articulate the words one would like to say to a loved one, but doesn't know what to say exactly. At G & B Inspirational Cards, LLC., our customers are the most important part of our business and we will work effortlessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.                 

                                                                                                    CEO/ Owner

                                                                                                  Gregory Backmon