Spreading Love, Hope and Wisdom:


The teachings of Christ can be spread in more ways than Holy Bible. At G & B Inspirational Cards of Charlotte, NC, we strive to spread the message of love, joy and spiritual growth that permeates the Holy Word, giving you the opportunity to find peace and inspiration in your daily life.


G & B Inspirational cards Inc. Is a small family owned company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We pride ourselves in offering our customers responsive, competent, and excellent services. Our cards are high- gloss coating with a smooth shiny finish with one of the most beautiful background artwork. 


The purpose of our cards is to encourage, comfort, and articulate the words one would like to say to a loves one. At G & B Inspirational Greeting cards Inc. our customer are the most important part our business, and we will work effortlessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.


 Helping Inspire Faith:

 With our greeting cards, we at G & B Inspirational Cards of Charlotte, NC, strive to inspire the best in us all. With the teachings of Christianity guiding us, we aim to create happy memories and provide guidance for all followers of Christ.


Our Cards:

 Inspiration comes in all forms and mediums, ranging from the world around us to humble greeting cards. We are dedicated to creating the most inspirational cards possible, by using the lessons taught to us in the Bible to craft simple messages that direct minds and lift hearts.